To achieve efficient road transport and climate targets, future trucks need to be designed and built for electric propulsion from start. Our mission is to develop the groundbreaking new technology for the next generation electric trucks delivering maximum range and payload at minimum cost of ownership.

We develop the technology and design for Exoskate®
A unique chassis platform for future generation of Battery Electric Trucks.
This unique platform will be the utlimate foundation for born electric trucks avoiding all compromises and tradeoffs

ultimate efficiency

Up to 25% higher energy density on chassis level achieved by cell-2-chassis design.
Up to 40% less energy consumption by highly integrated drive system, predictive and
adaptive control strategies and aero thermal design.


The ExoSkate® chassis platform is designed to be used together with
various conventional cabins or future autonomous drive trucks.
It is also configurable for different battery capacities, axle configurations and to various hauling needs.


ExoSkate® uses multi-function principles enabling fewer parts, inherent safety
and lowest weight. It is designed for easy recycling by avoiding
composite materials.